Canada Learning Bond

The Canada Learning Bond helps families living on lower incomes start saving for their children’s education by providing each eligible child with up to $2000 in contributions toward a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP).

We’re excited to tell you about a newly launched initiative that will help lower-income families access the Canada Learning Bond (CLB).

Due to low awareness, over 1.5 million children across Canada (almost 70% of those eligible) have not yet received their Bond.

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services has partnered with education savings advocate SmartSAVER to offer a new online Canada Learning Bond application called Start My RESP.

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The Start My RESP application makes it easier for families to access this federal education money.

Applicants can apply to start an RESP with no fees and with no contribution required to access the CLB. This user-friendly application provides language support in five languages: Spanish, French, Mandarin, English, and Punjabi (with more languages to come).

You can help more Canadian families receive the Canada Learning Bond. Tell the families you work with about and encourage them to use the site to start their application.

For each completed application SmartSAVER will donate $25 to Bethlehem Housing. 

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