Ray Syegco & Salah Schmoll

Incoho Owners Ray Syegco and Salah Schmoll take pride in offering a welcoming place to share their love of local, seasonal food with their guests. 

Ray Syegco

Ray Syegco was born and raised in the Philippines, where he originally was studying in the nursing field. When he immigrated to Canada 8 years ago, he was unable to transfer his nursing credits and this inspired a change of career - he would pursue a future in the food industry. He attended culinary school at Niagara College, and today happily calls the Niagara region his home.

His heritage and upbringing give Ray a unique perspective: being raised in a third world country, food was more often a need and not a want. As a chef and co-owner of Incoho, he wants to make a statement and a difference. This place is not a brigade system. Rather, they are proud to share a new concept that allows everyone in the kitchen to contribute in a meaningful way

Selah Schmoll

Growing up in Niagara falls, Selah Schmoll learned to cook by experimenting in her family kitchen as a girl. Like her business partner, she too thought nursing would be her career path. She lived with a chef and worked as their au pair - this experience was extremely influential and inspired her to pursue culinary school at Niagara College.

She had the opportunity to travel to places in the world where food is not nearly as abundant as what she has been afforded in her life. This was an important realization that has greatly informed her values as a chef: minimize waste, and cherish food and the times we spend enjoying it together. The two little leaves on their logo are microgreens - little baby greens - and both Ray and Selah see themselves as babies at the beginning of a new journey.

Potato Leek

by Chef Ray Syegco and Selah Schmoll, Incoho 
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