Niagara Regional Housing

Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) provides support to our organization through various programs so that we can provide subsidized housing and transitional supportive housing in Niagara.

As an administrator of affordable housing for Niagara Region, Niagara Regional Housing strives to be:

  • A leader who promotes affordable housing opportunities in Niagara
  • A community partner who works collaboratively with stakeholders
  • A corporation that ensures equitable and fair access to affordable housing
  • A provider of housing that is well-maintained, secure and affordable to assist the citizens of Niagara in the pursuit of healthy, productive lives

The Niagara Regional Housing vision is that "the Niagara community will provide affordable, accessible and quality housing for all residents". In their 2013 - 2016 Strategic Plan NRH demonstrates commitment to this vision and to Regional Council's focus on Niagara as a "healthy community, that supports a safe, healthy, diverse, culturally rich community where people of all ages and incomes enjoy a high quality of life".

NRH is dedicated to the following key directions:

  • Empowering Households
  • Recognizes that each household and each person within that household has specific needs and goals.
  • Connecting the Service Delivery Network
  • Addresses those household and individual needs through a well-connected network to seamlessly provide services.
  • Moving toward sustainable affordable housing
  • Recognizes that we look at the long term sustainability of affordable housing into the future.

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