You're Moving Families Forward

You're Moving Families Forward #1

Permanent Supportive Housing provides the foundation and security where individuals can grow, engage, and contribute to the economic well-being of our community. Our St. Catharines and Niagara Falls residences provide permanent supportive housing for individuals and families of low to moderate income. 

We all need a secure place to call home! When everyone has an affordable, safe place to live, we all benefit.

Support services combined with affordable housing are critical to helping people break the cycles of poverty and homelessness. On-site housing support services are essential to assist people who are disadvantaged to establish themselves in stable housing and become more self-sufficient.

Many of our tenants are dealing with issues related to poverty, physical disability, mental health, domestic violence and family breakdown. Supports to address any tenant need may include information, referrals and connection to community services, as well as social and recreational activities.

In 2019, our tenants self-identified that they are living with mental illness (69%), addiction issues (38%) and physical disabilities (18%)

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