Together We're Building A Foundation

Together We're Building A Foundation #1

Stable housing builds a foundation for individuals and families to grow. Our goal is to ensure that people facing social and economic hardship in Niagara have stable housing and improved quality of life.

Our Theory of Change process model depicts a journey through change for our clients to reach housing stability and quality of life outcomes that have an overall impact on the community. This model helps us to identify key performance indicators and evaluate the progress improvement and goal achievement of our clients.

The Four Pillars of Our Programs and Support Services Are:

  • Personal Resiliency and Well-Being
  • Community Connections and Social Integration
  • Financial Empowerment
  • Strong and Stable Families

The four pillars, depicted in this infographic, are represented throughout each of our programs and support services so that individuals accomplish stable affordable housing in the Niagara community, and get the support that they need to grow in their individual or family life. 

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