You Can Be Someone's Hero!

You Can Be Someone's Hero!

Posted Jul 18th, 2016 in News & Updates

Join the movement to transition our families from homeless to home by becoming a HOUSING HERO – no cape required!

You can be a Housing Hero in your community! Here’s why….

  • There are over 4,600 households on the Niagara Region Housing waitlist.
  • 43% of renter households spend more than 30% of their income on housing and 18% spend more than 50% of income on housing – these households are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Point in Time count found that there are approximately 444 individuals living in temporary sheltered housing in the Niagara Region on any given night. This crisis has a deep impact on the economic and social health of our community.

The other part of Niagara’s story….there needs to be affordable housing to go to!

Every year, at Bethlehem we:

  • House, support and serve approximately 300 families in our own buildings and outreach programs – most are families with children
  • We are currently working with 32 families in unstable housing, 11 in shelters and 21 that are hidden homeless
  • Have at any one time an average of 60 families on our permanent supportive affordable housing wait list
  • Have an average of 12 families on our Bethlehem Place Transitional Housing wait list
The wait list continues to grow because we don’t have enough “bricks and mortar” housing that is affordable and accessible for low income families.

Bethlehem plays an important role to help meet the housing need and support at risk families through crisis.  This is what we do best and we need to do more – but we can’t do it without you!  Many of our loyal supporters, volunteers and donors like you have expressed concern and asked; “how can I help families in poverty?” “How can I contribute to fixing the affordable housing crisis here in our own Niagara backyard?”

When you become a Housing Hero, your story is where their success stories get started.

Here’s how you can be a Bethlehem Housing Hero…..

Support Bethlehem in the fight to break the cycle of homelessness, one family at a time.

$567.00 per year / $47.25 per month / $1.55 per day = the cost for Bethlehem to support a family through their transitional housing journey.

You as an individual, your family members or a group of friends together could be Housing Heroes and sponsor a family to receive support services for their year in transitional housing.

If you round it up to $600, the extra $33.00 will be invested in a fund to support a new affordable housing development project.  Stay tuned for the announcement – shovels will be going into the ground later this year!  Please help to make it happen!

By signing up today, you’ll receive a Housing Hero t-shirt, courtesy of our housing development partners and friends at Penn Terra Group.

Of course, we will welcome any size gift amount because it will be put to work with other contributions to do these 4 things:

  1. Help get people out of shelters
  2. Get more people transitioning to safe and stable housing
  3. Through supports, address the root issues, build upon strengths and break the cycle of homelessness
  4. Build new permanent affordable housing

Please consider joining our crusade and become a HOUSING HERO!

For more information please contact Jennifer Sinclair at 905-684-1660 ext. 2 or at

Make a Difference. Donate online, by mail or by phone.