National Housing Day

National Housing Day

Posted Nov 25th, 2016 in News & Updates, Homelessness, Poverty

National Housing Day

Tuesday, November 22nd was National Housing Day! We all need to stand up for improving access to the affordable rental housing market that is primarily targeted to low income renter households, vulnerable populations and hard to house individuals and families.

Affordable housing is a broad term which encompasses a range of housing types. 

Providing affordable housing in a community means that families and individuals of all income levels and lifestyles can find suitable and adequate places to live without spending a disproportionate percentage of their income on housing.

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services is actively engaged in addressing the need for affordable housing in Niagara. On Monday, November 21st, Bethlehem Housing attended an event led by Niagara Regional Housing (NRH) in partnership with Niagara Region Community Services and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

The goal of the event was to discuss innovative solutions to the shortage of affordable housing in Niagara. Local developers, housing providers, and community agencies across Niagara came together to discuss innovative solutions to the shortage of affordable housing.

Earlier this month our Executive Director and Program Manager attended the 2016 CAEH Conference in London, Ontario. This National Conference on Ending Homelessness arms policy makers, funders, researchers, advocates, community leaders and front line workers with the inspiration, information, tools and training they need to end homelessness.

Access to safe, affordable and adequate housing touches almost every aspect of a community’s wellbeing and affects all of its members.  Communities with a range of housing choices that meet the full range of their housing needs – including the needs of low and moderate income citizens – are generally more liveable, more economically competitive and resilient.

Housing is one of the most fundamental of human needs. It is also the key driver shaping the economic and social sustainability of communities, a vehicle for social inclusion, and an important component of economic growth.

The Rental Housing Affordability problem in Niagara

  • 18,535 renter households are in Core Housing Need spending more than 30% of income on rent
  • 7,720 renter households are in Deep Core Housing Need spending more than 50% on rent
  • 3,215 renter households are living in overcrowded conditions

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