Five Reasons to Die Without a Will

Five Reasons to Die Without a Will

Posted May 18th, 2017 in News & Updates

Five Reasons to Die Without a Will

There must be some very powerful reasons to avoid a Will because so many people continue to die without one.

Just in case you’re likely to be one who will depart without a will, here are five reasons to help you sleep better at night.

  1. The province of Ontario can do a better job deciding how to distribute your assets than you can.
  2. The court can choose a better administrator to handle your estate during probate than you can.
  3. The court can choose a more caring guardian for your minor children than you can.
  4. The government will use your tax dollars more efficiently than your favorite charity will use a charitable ‘end-of-life’ gift.
  5. Your grieving loved ones will be better off handling your affairs without your will.

Powerful reasons? Hardly! Nonetheless, people unintentionally affirm these reasons year after year as they continue to put off the nuisance of preparing a valid will.

In recognizing that May is Leave a Legacy month, your friends at Bethlehem Housing and Support Services (BHSS) urge you to take action today.

Your family will appreciate it. The charities you may choose to support will appreciate it. And you will welcome the peace of mind that results from fulfilling one of your most important stewardship responsibilities.

You may be uncertain about approaching a lawyer. Don’t be! A lawyer who specializes in estate planning knows the right questions to ask and the best ways to help you accomplish your goals. These practitioners are well-trained and normally well worth the time and expense involved.

While you'll still need to meet with your trusted advisors for expert counsel, an advance meeting or two with one of our legacy planning specialists may prove helpful and could save on costs by helping you make the best use of your lawyer's time. Our services are available to you without any obligation whatsoever.

Perhaps you might also benefit from learning more about wills. For printed material on making your will or to request a personal visit with one of our legacy advisors, please contact our office by calling 905.684.1660 ext. 2 or visiting us online at


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