Housing First

Housing First

Posted May 31st, 2017 in Homelessness

The Housing First program supports individuals who experience chronic or episodic homelessness by helping them to find permanent housing as quickly as possible.

Community Support Workers assist individuals who are chronically or episodically homeless to find independent and permanent housing within their communities.

Community Support Workers help individuals to develop and pursue their goals, and will support them to identify access and navigate service systems relevant to their specific needs.

What is Housing First?

This service is designed to support individuals moving from homelessness to a life of stability and success.

Housing First works with people who may have little to no housing readiness skills.

It is proven that people are more successful when working towards their goals if they are housed first.

This program provides individuals with the opportunity to have independent and permanent housing before beginning to work on other areas in their lives with staff support.

Who is the target population?

Bethlehem Housing and Support Services provides Housing First to individuals and families who are chronically or episodically homeless.

Eligibility for the program is determined by Niagara Region Homelessness Services.

Where is this program available?

This program is available in the entire Niagara region.

What does a Housing First Worker do?

  • Assists with finding adequate, affordable and suitable housing
  • Supports positive decision making and goal planning
  • Coordinates access to services to ensure basic individual needs of participants are met
  • Links individuals to appropriate services locally and regionally
  • Acts as an advocate for participants
  • Provides ongoing support to participants to help ensure success and stability

For more information about the Housing First program, please contact our Intake Support Worker at 905-641-1660 ext. 27.

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