Claire Fish: Bethlehem's Youngest Housing Hero

Claire Fish: Bethlehem's Youngest Housing Hero

Posted Aug 15th, 2017 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes

Claire Fish: Bethlehem's Youngest Housing Hero

Claire Fish is currently Bethlehem’s youngest Housing Hero at the age of only eight years old!

Claire recently celebrated her 8th birthday and decided instead of receiving gifts she wanted her family and friends to donate to Bethlehem Housing and Support Services.

Claire came up with the idea while planning for her party. She realized she had 27 guests attending her birthday and felt this would be too many gifts.

This is when she decided to give back to her community and do something that would help others in need.  

When asked how donating her birthday money to Bethlehem made her feel, Claire replied, “Proud. I really like helping others and I knew doing this would help people that need help finding somewhere to live.”

At only eight years old Claire is already very active within her community. In addition to supporting Bethlehem, she has also raised money for a run that supports the Children’s Health Unit at the St. Catharines hospital, sold daffodils to raise money for cancer, and participates in the Terry Fox Run every year.

When Claire grows up she wants to be a teacher. She says, “I want to help other people learn.”  

Together, with the help of Housing Heroes like Claire Fish, we are building a Niagara where everyone has a home!

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