CMSIntelligence Supports Bethlehem Housing with New Website

CMSIntelligence Supports Bethlehem Housing with New Website

Posted Sep 15th, 2017 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes

CMSIntelligence Supports Bethlehem Housing with New Website

CMSIntelligence partnered with Bethlehem Housing and Support Services in October of 2016 to help us create our new website and enhance our brand personality.

When you choose CMSIntelligence, you're choosing a Smarter Website for your organization. Their websites not only look amazing, they also use strategies to convert visitors to customers.

For CMSI it’s important for them to give back to the community, which is one of the reasons they initially decided to partner with Bethlehem Housing.

Lisa Matheson, partner of CMSI said, “Working with you on your website was an opportunity to help get your story communicated properly, which can be challenging for non-profits. We were excited to help you set up the website as your primary marketing and communication tool that would reach all of your targeted audiences.”

The CMSI team brings a unique dynamic to the industry. They have real-world experience and insights that have been honed from working with clients across a wide-variety of industries. They understand how non-profit organizations work and they provide value added strategic services that will maximize any budget.

Our partnership with CMSI has helped us to recreate our organization's brand personality, identify our unique value propositions, and revitalize our online presence. The team at CMSI went above and beyond by listening to our needs, interpreting them and providing strategic direction to help us achieve our goals.  

Because of their combined years of experience, we were able to get through common challenges such as narrowing down our messaging and keeping our brand consistent. Larry Chartier, partner of CMSI commented, “We were able to help you overcome those challenges because of our mutual respect for one another’s roles on this project." Jordan Versluis, graphic designer at CMSI added, “You were also very receptive to our professional opinion and respected it.”

CMSIntelligence has a philosophical foundation about giving back to our community. “We love Niagara and want to support the organizations that are actively involved in making a difference in the lives of Niagara residents,” said Matheson. “Bethlehem Housing has a great message and CMSI has the means to help you communicate that message broadly.”

They are actively involved within the Niagara region and support a number of other organizations including Hotel Dieu Shaver, the Foster Festival, Community Care, Niagara Artists Centre, and much more.

As a team they are most passionate about helping organizations do more with fewer resources in the digital world.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the CMSIntelligence team!

To learn more about their products and services visit their website.


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