Memorable Fresh Start Package Delivery for Enercare Staff

Memorable Fresh Start Package Delivery for Enercare Staff

Posted Oct 26th, 2017 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes

Memorable Fresh Start Package Delivery for Enercare Staff

Tammy and Melissa both work for Enercare’s Golden Horseshoe location. They first got involved with Bethlehem Housing & Support Services when Enercare partnered with the organization to provide personalized Fresh Start packages to families that live at Bethlehem Place.

A key objective of the Enercare Fresh Start Program is to give back to the communities where they operate by partnering with local organizations to help disadvantaged families. Tammy says, “It is nice to know we have the opportunity to work with our employer to engage the community and give back.”

Enercare employees personally shop for the items to be included in the packages and deliver them to the families.

Shopping for the packages is a very unique and invaluable experience for both Tammy and Melissa. Their goal when looking for items is to purchase things that will bring a sense of satisfaction to the clients.

Melissa brought her 21-year-old daughter on her latest shopping trip for the packages, to show her the benefits of helping others. Melissa says, “We now use this opportunity of giving back to the community as our personal time together. It’s very fulfilling.”

The two Enercare employees both agree that delivering the packages personally to the families is a very rewarding moment. It is one of their favourite aspects of being involved with the Enercare Fresh Start Program.

The last family they delivered a package to was a single mom with her toddler son. Tammy says, “This particular drop-off was extremely heartwarming. The family was extremely welcoming and warm. The little toddler came up and hugged everyone before he even saw anything we got for them.”

The family was very open to having conversation with them and offered a very warm, friendly environment. Melissa explains, “It was nice to see firsthand where our help was going, which really encourages us to continue providing support.”

Some of the items that were provided in this Fresh Start package included a vacuum, television, quilts and bedding, kitchen utensils, and Thomas the Train toys for the toddler.

Both Tammy and Melissa are actively involved with other community organizations within Niagara. Tammy previously volunteered with Hannah House Maternity Home and Community Care. Melissa is involved with Jeep Club Niagara where they do various fundraising events. Proceeds from these events are donated to local organizations, including Niagara Children’s Centre.

As a team, Tammy and Melissa agree that Enercare is most passionate about investing in the community. Tammy mentions, “We are all very giving and compassionate people within the St. Catharines Enercare office. We get personal gratification from knowing we are doing something to better the community. We really just enjoy helping people overall.” 

The Enercare Fresh Start program was developed with input from Enercare employees to ensure the program provides meaningful support to the communities where Enercare operates while also ensuring the program aligns with their brand values of being exceptional, caring and genuine.

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