Madison Kempf: Child & Family Centre Volunteer

Madison Kempf: Child & Family Centre Volunteer

Posted Dec 12th, 2017 in News & Updates, Volunteers, Housing Heroes

Madison Kempf: Child & Family Centre Volunteer

Madison first heard about Bethlehem Housing and Support Services in June of 2016.

After having done some research on Bethlehem, she was very intrigued by what we had to offer and decided to volunteer at our Child and Family Centre. Madison was thrilled by the idea of working with children and families at Bethlehem Place.

When Madison started volunteering, it became evident very quickly that she would develop a strong rapport with staff and families who participate in our Child and Family Centre.

According to staff, she was respectful and understanding of the needs of the unique population that we serve. She also engaged with the families and children, which helped them to feel a sense of belonging in the Centre.

Madison enjoyed interacting with families through play, guidance and listening to their concerns. She says, “What I enjoy most about volunteering for Bethlehem is the really welcoming environment from not only the staff but the children and families attending the Centre as well.”

Madison has always loved working with children, making her volunteer experience with Bethlehem extremely rewarding. Madison says, “At the Centre I was able to making personal relationships with the children. This allowed me to witness some pretty major achievements and milestones in their life.”

Madison is currently studying concurrent education at Brock University. After completing her degree she wants to be a teacher for children in grades one to three.

Thank you, Madison, for your dedication and commitment to Bethlehem Housing and our Child and Family Centre!

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