30th Anniversary Celebration Event

30th Anniversary Celebration Event

Posted Jun 4th, 2018 in News & Updates, Events, Past Events

On Wednesday, May 30th Bethlehem Housing and Support Services celebrated 30 years of service!

At the event were loyal donors and supporters of Bethlehem, past and current staff and board members, along with original founding members.

St. Catharines MPP Hon. Jim Bradley, Regional Chair Alan Caslin, St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik, Bethlehem's Executive Director Lori Beech and Bethlehem's Board President John Lee provided wonderful speeches during the event.

Jennifer Sinclair, Bethlehem's Philanthropy Manager, delivered a wonderful testimonial from the family of a past resident of Bethlehem’s Kenmore Court. She says,“Kenmore Court, its staff, other residents, and Bethlehem’s programming all were critical pieces to our son becoming strong, growing his self-confidence, learning social skills, and ultimately becoming fully independent and successful.”

We are grateful for the continued support from our service partners, funders, loyal donors and volunteers.

Together we are building a Niagara where everyone has a home!

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