Residents of Kenmore Court - Permanent Supportive Housing

Residents of Kenmore Court - Permanent Supportive Housing

Posted Jun 25th, 2018 in Client Stories

Residents of Kenmore Court - Permanent Supportive Housing

We sat down with some of the residents living at Kenmore Court, one of our Permanent Supportive Housing Units located in Niagara Falls, to understand what living with Bethlehem is like for them. Here is what they had to say:


"I have been living at Kenmore Court since it first opened in 2010. Having the Community Support Worker here has been extremely beneficial to me and the other residents in the building. Yvonne has been helping me with finances by learning how to budget my money properly. She also helps me with accountability and keeping on track. Kenmore Court is my home."


"It’s been one year since I first moved into Kenmore Court and so far it has been a wonderful experience. The residents are very nice, quiet and respectful. The building is clean, safe and comfortable. I also enjoy the diversity of people in the building. There are different cultures, ages, family backgrounds and personalities. The onsite Community Support Worker has been a great support, as she is always willing to listen. Kenmore Court has truly changed by life."


"Before moving to Kenmore Court I moved three times in one year. I was afraid and felt alone in the world. Now I feel safe and secure. Yvonne, our onsite Community Support Worker, is very special to me. An accident left me with a brain injury and I find it difficult to make life decisions. Yvonne is always willing to help and guide me in the right direction. I am grateful to have such a wonderful support person in my life."

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