Jordan Versluis: Creative Director at CMSIntelligence

Jordan Versluis: Creative Director at CMSIntelligence

Posted Aug 24th, 2018 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes

Jordan Versluis: Creative Director at CMSIntelligence

Jordan Versluis, the Creative Director at CMSIntelligence, began working with Bethlehem Housing and Support Services in 2017 as we were in the process of redesigning our organization's website.

He says, "During my childhood I would hear the name 'Bethlehem Place' mentioned in various religious groups and at family gatherings. It was not until my 20s that I came across Bethlehem Housing and Support Services in a context that allowed me to understand the services they provide and to whom."

Jordan has always had an affinity for community organizations. He explains, "The passion and care exemplified by the Bethlehem team is infectious and inspiring. Having worked with them through my employer, CMSIntelligence, I was able to witness first-hand the care and compassion with which Bethlehem provides its services."

He was then inspired to partner with Bethlehem as an individual, by contributing his graphic design talent, web development skills and creative flair to help build our new Housing Hero website. Jordan worked with us to finalize the layout, design and content for the website.

In addition to contributing his time and talent, Jordan also donated over $950 that was used towards the development of the new website.

Working with Jordan from start to finish allowed us to get through common challenges such as narrowing down messaging and keeping our brand consistent. Jordan adds, "The team at Bethlehem Housing and Support Services is an absolute pleasure to work with. They are attentive, grateful, and utterly supportive of those who contribute to their cause."

For Jordan, contributing to the well-being of Niagara is extremely important. He says, "Niagara is a wonderful place and I am happy to call it my home." Aside from Bethlehem, he has also supported Community Care, Distress Centre Niagara and various political campaigns and fundraisers".

We are so grateful for Jordan’s dedication, passion and support towards Bethlehem and our Housing Hero initiative.

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