No Easy Fix for Niagara's Housing Crisis

No Easy Fix for Niagara's Housing Crisis

Posted Feb 1st, 2019 in News & Updates, Media Releases, Housing Crisis

No Easy Fix for Niagara's Housing Crisis

Recently, in a four-part series, Niagara This Week delved into a variety of sources, moving parts and organizations working toward resolutions in Niagara and beyond.

The local periodical published a four-part series on Niagara’s Housing Squeeze, a look at how Niagara’s booming housing market and lack of affordable housing options are affecting the region.

If you are want to learn more we recommend that you take some time to review the articles. The compilation of condensed media coverage highlighted copious moving parts of this ‘perfect storm’ scenario and revealed the most immediate and challenging factors to be:

  • The rising market values attributed in part to competitive home buyers who have been driving up the cost to buy, making it especially difficult for young first-time buyers
  • Alarmingly low vacancy rates, pointing at the contributions of an influx of once available apartments and homes now turned into Airbnb income properties for tourists
  • Young graduates moving to more affordable municipalities, leaving local business understaffed and unable to maintain longevity in Niagara
  • Empty homes, dwellings which potentially could house multiple people or families, instead, being occupied by single persons or left unoccupied
  • A frighteningly high percentage of low-income households, left unable to cope with the changing demographics of increasing rental costs and basic needs like food, transportation and clothing
  • Constant over capacity at the local shelters, including the new Niagara Falls site, an addition  to the Out of the Cold Program
  • And, a documented regional opioid and addictions crisis, which is directly linked to mental health and homelessness

Part 1: Housing ‘crisis’ in Niagara contrasts with signs of economic growth
Dec 12, 2018 by Paul Forsyth, Niagara This Week – St. Catharines

Part 2: Homeownership and the fear of missing out
Dec 18, 2018 by Luke Edwards, Niagara This Week - Welland

Part 3:  Tight Market Means Renters Hold onto what they have
Dec 21, 2018 by Mike Zettel, Niagara This Week – St. Catharines

Part 4: No easy fix for Niagara’s housing crisis
Jan 2, 2019 by Richard Hutton, Niagara This Week -Welland

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