The Art Of Giving

The Art Of Giving

Posted Jun 3rd, 2019 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes, Housing Crisis

The Art Of Giving

Our Housing Hero Lynne Mawson lends her talent and time to support Bethlehem Housing and Support Services.

Meet our Artist Housing Hero Lynne Mawson. Lynne is a Visual Artist and Jewelry Designer. When considering a charity to contribute to, Bethlehem’s missions and values fit well within her personal philosophy. Our Housing Heroes know that any number of life events and circumstances can lead to a person being at risk of eviction and homelessness and believe that everyone deserves a safe and affordable home.

We were first introduced to Lynne through another artist and longtime donor, Barbara Bucknall. The two women met in an art class and instantly recognized a consistent feminist theme in their works. Both artists create unique imagery celebrating femininity. Interpretive and true, they capture distinctive female forms in unique but visually stunning and provocative interpretations, showcasing the inner-goddess in all her sizes, shapes and forms.

Their shared vision to create an International Women’s Day Art Show in partnership with Bethlehem came to fruition on March 8th of this year. It was supported by the Niagara Artist Centre and held at Mahtay Café, on St.Paul Street in St.Catharines. After selling eight paintings at this week-long event, Lynne decided to continue her partnership with Bethlehem, officially becoming a Housing Hero and donating 10% from all paintings sold hence forth to our organization!

Q/Why did you choose Bethlehem Housing and Support Services?
A/Bethlehem Place is a terrific cause.  Lack of affordable housing is a problem in our community.  Programs to help those at risk here in Niagara are in need and are worthy of our support. 

Q/Tell us about what inspires your art:
A/Over the last few years, I’ve taken up art and painting.   I wanted to represent curvy women in a positive and cheerful way.  I’ve always been interested in colour and pattern, so ‘designing’ their swimwear brings me much delight.  There is inspiration everywhere!

Q/What inspired you to make jewelry?
A/I came to beading almost accidentally.   My daughter was looking for a hobby.  We went to a bead store.  She was totally uninterested.  I was totally dazzled.  Beading became my hobby. I also refashion vintage pieces so you can enjoy wearing them today!

Q/Where can one purchase your work?
A/ On Facebook on my page Baubles and Babes CLICK HERE

You Can Be A Housing Hero Too:

A Housing Hero shares their time talent or treasure in a focused way to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding the challenges of finding Affordable Housing in Niagara. A Housing Hero is a fundraising Champion. You can choose to use our online platform and challenge your peers to donate to your profile or you could join a group of friends and run a small fundraising event. Just about anything goes! To see what all of our Housing Heroes have been up to CLICK HERE

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