Junior Housing Hero Duo Raises Over $1500 During August 

Junior Housing Hero Duo Raises Over $1500 During August 

Posted Aug 29th, 2019 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes

Junior Housing Hero Duo Raises Over $1500 During August 

With pledges still being added to their Housing Hero Fundraising page, our junior Housing Heroe's Claire and Evelyn have raised over $1500 during the month of August.

Older sibling Claire (10), has been fundraising for Bethlehem since her 8th birthday when she invited her guests to donate to Bethlehem instead of buying gifts. Claire followed this kind gesture with another donation a year and a half later with a similar Holiday donation.

Claire’s extended family fosters a philanthropic spirit to their youngest members. During the holidays Claire’s family rallies together and makes a donation to one charity of choice. Each family adds money to a charity basket. Then, each has the opportunity to illustrate a case for why their individual charity of choice is entitled to the collection. There is an adult basket and a children’s basket. This year, Claire did such a great job asking her family members to vote for Bethlehem Place that she won the vote and was able to add to her fundraising total with us.

Since then, the same fundraising bug that bit Claire has bitten her younger sister Evelyn (7). Both girls came to Bethlehem’s Safari Niagara Days in July and assisted staff to raise awareness of our services by handing out Housing Hero stickers and selling Raffle Tickets for our big draw.

Now both girls have been upgraded to Housing Hero Champions! Their efforts to sell lemonade, candy sticks and raffle tickets outside of Zehrs at the Pen Centre on two dates in August not only brought in hundreds of donations through purchases and giving, but inspired several online donations through Facebook.

We cannot express how much it warms our hearts to watch these two young ladies grow and inspire others in the community.  Together they are inspiring a whole new generation of Housing Heroes.

Congratulations Claire and Evelyn!

Visit their Fundraising profile HERE

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