'Crusher' Bike Racers Support Young Housing Heroes

'Crusher' Bike Racers Support Young Housing Heroes

Posted Oct 18th, 2019 in News & Updates, DIY Events, Housing Heroes

'Crusher' Bike Racers Support Young Housing Heroes

Our Newest Housing Heroes and best friends Addi and Sophia wanted to give back to the community and weren’t quite sure which organization to choose. When provided with a few choices by one of their mothers’ they quickly settled on Bethlehem Housing and Support Services as their charity of choice.

The two inspired 11-year-olds knew that this year’s Energy Crusher Mountain Bike Race, held on September 29 as part of the Grape and Wine Festival line up, would be the perfect opportunity to find thirsty donors. The 25+ km enduro style race course includes lots of climbing, tight twisty single-track that should be challenging yet safe for all riders.

Addy, who practices the sport of fencing, and Sophia, a budding pianist, were waiting close to the race finish line with their ‘Lemonade for Lovely Bethlehem Housing’ Lemonade stand. Together they raised $62.55 that day.

The girls have created their very own Housing Hero profile using our safe and secure on-line platform. They are excited to come up with some new fundraising ideas to raise even more donations throughout the year.

Welcome to the Team girls. We look forward to seeing your creative fundraising ideas!

Would you like to learn more about how you can become a Housing Hero too? Follow this link to our easy to use on-line platform and sign up HERE

Then visit this LINK for 100 easy fundraising ideas!

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