Domenic and Lisa: Fashion in Bloom Organizers

Domenic and Lisa: Fashion in Bloom Organizers

Posted May 25th, 2018 in News & Updates, Housing Heroes

Domenic and Lisa: Fashion in Bloom Organizers

Lisa McLeod and Domenic Cortese have been organizing the Fashion in Bloom fundraiser for the last few years.

Domenic from DJ Dominoes has been supporting Bethlehem since 2005.

He first became involved when he would plan an annual Halloween Party Fundraiser and donate all proceeds from the event to Bethlehem.

In 2009 Domenic was contacted by a close friend to see if he would DJ for a fundraising event being held for Bethlehem. This is how Domenic and Lisa were first introduced to the Fashion in Bloom event.

Fashion in Bloom is a third party fundraising event that takes place every two years. It is organized and ran by volunteers and supporters of Bethlehem, with all proceeds raised from the event donated to the organization.

In 2015 when Fashion in Bloom no longer had someone to organize the event, Domenic and Lisa stepped up and decided to take over the planning of the event. They held their first fashion fundraiser in 2016.

Domenic says, “For our first Fashion in Bloom event we thought it was quite successful and we enjoyed it so much. We decided to organize the 2018 event as well.”

Both Domenic and Lisa feel very connected to Bethlehem. Lisa says, “We have attended and volunteered for several other Bethlehem fundraisers where we heard some inspiring testimonials from past clients. They really just stuck with us over the years, which motivated us to keep giving back.”

Thanks to Lisa, Domenic, the event committee and the support of the community, this year's event raised over $1400 for Bethlehem. 

Domenic adds, “We hope to be involved with the Fashion in Bloom event for as long as we can. Bethlehem has become our charity of choice.”

We are grateful for Domenic and Lisa's commitment to Bethlehem and for the passion that they share with the community.

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2018 Event Committee

  • Domenic Cortese, Chair
  • Lisa Macleod
  • Kayla Kiers
  • Kelsey Kiers
  • Tricia Macleod-Bachorski
  • Beverly Kiers
  • Michelle Moore
  • Angelique Sobschak

2018 Donors

  • Angela Williams
  • Criveller Cakes & Pastry Boutique
  • Dobbie's Florist
  • DJ Dominoes DJ Service
  • Niagara Parks Commission
  • Ron Vahrmeye
  • St. George's Anglican Church
  • St. Thomas Anglican Church
  • Tango Boutique
  • The United Church Woman of First Grantham 
  • Wildfire Restaurant


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