Our Volunteers

Volunteers are integral to our success in helping people overcome the obstacles they face. Without the loyal support of the many dedicated volunteers who help us each year our services would not be possible.

Great Volunteer Stories

We love the stories about our volunteers... and the stories they share with us. Here are a few of our recent favourites!

Cam & Sarah Donate Graphic Design Talent

Aug 4th, 2017

Cam and Sarah are graphic designers at Brand BLVD who generously donated their time and talent to create our new Housing Hero logo!

Brock University Staff & Faculty Volunteer

Apr 28th, 2017

During National Volunteer Week, we had over 40 volunteers from Brock University’s Staff and Faculty to help begin prepping the site for the revitalization and redevelopment of the Bethlehem Place playground and extended yard, to create an inclusive naturalized environment and play area.

Niagara College Broadcasting Students

Apr 27th, 2017

A group of second year students in the Niagara College Broadcasting – Radio, Television and Film Program created an informative and promotional video for the Bethlehem Place Naturalized Playground.

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